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Logo Story


The fish swims freely and joyously; it stirs up the waves of life when jumping out of the ocean.



The jumping fish serves as the logo of ITCSL because its image signifies multiple Chinese cultural connotations. In ancient Chinese thoughts, the flying eagle and the jumping fish in nature embody the idea of Tao, the highest realm of Chinese culture.


Meanwhile, the fish eye and blue point in the waves make the logo resemble the Ying-Yang Fish, which is also the symbol of Tao.



In folklore, when the fish jumps out of the river and leaps over the Dragon Gate, it will transform into a real dragon—the holiest legendary creature in Chinese mythology. Therefore, tradition has it that a diligent student became nationally renowned after succeeding in the Imperial Examination, which symbolizes the transformation of a fish into a dragon.



With the multiple connotations of the jumping fish, ITCSL wishes you to transform into "a dragon" by persevering in your studies. In addition to having fluent Chinese language abilities, you will become a charismatic person instilled with profound Chinese values and virtues. Hopefully, someday you can lead a carefree and contented life without constraints just as the flying eagle and the jumping fish.