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Course Features


The three main features of the ITCSL courses are:




  1. Courses are available for international students with varying levels of Chinese proficiency from CEFR A2-C1. 

    具華語程度CEFR A2-C1的國際學生,都能找到合適的課程。

    The ITCSL program offers 40 required credits from Beginner Chinese to Advanced Chinese. If you've studied Chinese before, you can apply for a credit waiver and transfer of up to 40 credits and choose your preferred courses from the Cultural Chinese Group or Business Chinese Group offered by various departments at National Taipei University. Courses recognized for credit are listed here:

    Cultural Chinese Group: https://reurl.cc/rLd7xb


    Business Chinese Group: https://reurl.cc/jlMn7L


    文化華語學群: https://reurl.cc/rLd7xb
    商務華語學群: https://reurl.cc/jlMn7L


  2. Course arrangements are highly flexible for international students no matter whether they aspire to become Chinese language teachers or not.


  3. A variety of courses on digital teaching strategies are offered annually with the aim of developing a digital teaching system.